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Membership in associations
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
Founded in 1994, AmCham promotes an investment and entrepreneurship friendly environment by maintaining a constant dialogue between western companies and their Russian partners.
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Founded in 1916, RBCC has been striving to enhance commercial and economic relations between Russia and Great Britain.
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
It was founded in 1997 to promote the foodservice and hospitality industry, to develop new standards for entrepreneurship and professional activity and to consolidate the hospitality businesses.
Russian Franchising Association
Russian Franchising Association
It was founded in 1997 to protect and support the members’ rights and to promote the development of a franchising-friendly legal and economic environment in Russia.
Founded in 2006, it has been promoting the expansion of Russian franchising, improving the efficiency of Russia’s best franchising specialists’ contribution to franchising business events and programs in Russia.
Russia’s major association of FMCG manufacturers was founded in 2002. RusBrand’s activities are aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue with all market stakeholders as well as key state authorities.
Strong partners on both sides

Dear partners!

Please be advised that Rosinter Restorants LLC practice  goods and service procurement on the regular basis via Unified Electronic Trading Facility B2B-center.

We are interested in the long-term and profitable partnership.

Any company can take participation in the tender for the following categories:

  • Alcohol,
  • Dairy (including cheese),
  • Confectionary and bakery,
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, juice, mineral water, coffee, tea,
  • Meat (chilled, frozen), sausages goods,
  • Fish,
  • Grocery (including spices, seasonings, sauces),
  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Canned and tinned goods,
  • Related products,
  • Service for the restaurant operations.

If you want to participate in the tenders for goods and service supply, please register in the Unified Electronic Trading Facility following the link and typing in Russian "Росинтер":

All other things being equal the preference is given to the following suppliers:

- Quality of goods is higher than others;

- Marketing funds is higher than the other;

- Prices are lower than others;

- Well-established delivery service to the retail outlets;

- Available System of electronic invoice;

- Deferred payment is more than others;

- Longstanding suppliers-partners offering equal conditions.

With many thanks for your interest in this matter,

Rosinter Restorants

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