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Diplomatic Dining Don't have a Diplomatic Dining Card yet?
We are happy to offer you an opportunity to become a Diplomatic Dining card holder. Rosinter Restaurants company issues Diplomatic Dining cards for accredited representatives of diplomatic corps offering 15% discount in our Russian outlets (
How to get Diplomatic Dining card
Becoming a participant is very easy. Just contact us by telephone +7 (495) 788-44-88 or by e-mail
How to get discount
Please present your Diplomatic Dining card before paying the bill in any of Rosinter Restaurants. Valid only in Russia (

Additional information
Diplomatic Card can only be used by its holder, whose name is on the card. You can't pass the card to third parties. You may be asked to show your ID.
In the event of losing your Diplomatic Dining card, please report it to us immediately by telephone +7 (495) 788-44-88 or by e-mail
When your diplomatic accreditation expires or if you finish working at the embassy and leave Russia, please inform us by contacts above.
Validity of your Diplomatic Dining card is the same as diplomatic card. To prolong the validity of Diplomatic Dining Card please send us a letter with number of your new diplomatic card and period of its validity by e-mail
Our Hotline operators are always glad to answer all your questions at +7 (495) 788-44-88 or e-mail

Supporting center
telephone +7 (495) 780 00 44
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Tatyana Kondrashova
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Tatyana Kondrashova
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Honored Guest
Supporting center
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Diplomatic Dining
Galina Karabanova
telephone +7 (495) 788 44 88 #2226