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More than a restaurant company!
Eat's Happiness!

Present-giving is such an inspiring tradition! What a great pleasure it is - giving presents, receiving them and especially… anticipating gifts! Delight your nearest and dearest, your friends or colleagues with a very special gift - “Eat's Happiness!” card.

It’s a gift card for paying our restaurant bills without cash – any time, any place! The card’s name “Eat's Happiness!” has 2 meanings in Russian: it means both “Happiness of eating” and “Happiness exists!” You’ll know that happiness of eating does surely exist with this card in your pocket ‘cause it’s always a good occasion for a small feast in good restaurants of the city - a spontaneous celebration whenever you want it! Give this card as a present – let it be a celebration!

The gift cards “Eat's Happiness” are available in 500, 1500, 3000 points value (1 point = 1 ruble) in all Rosinter Restaurants LLC outlets participating in the program. The list of restaurants is always growing. Keep track of events!


  • The card is accepted only in Rosinter Restaurants outlets participating in the program. The list of the restaurants can be found here. The info & rules guide is supplied with the card
  • The card is valid for 6 months since the date of purchase and can be used several times until the points run out.
  • The value is indicated in the lower right corner on the face of the card.
  • Once your card has expired the points cannot be redeemed.
  • The card can not be cashed or used in any other way than paying restaurant bills.
  • Your use of the card confirms your agreement to the rules of the program.

For the information on the period of validity, active balance of the card and other information about restaurants and the program please call (495) 781 0 781 or 8-800-200-0-781 ( free of charge)

Supporting center
telephone +7 (495) 780 00 44
Fine Food Card
Tatyana Kondrashova
telephone +7 (495) 788 44 88 #2567
Eat's Happiness! card
Tatyana Kondrashova
telephone +7 (495) 788 44 88 #2567
Honored Guest
Supporting center
telephone +7 (495) 781 0 781
fax 8 800 200 0 781 (free call)
Diplomatic Dining
Galina Karabanova
telephone +7 (495) 788 44 88 #2226