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More than a restaurant company!

Are you often rewarded for your shopping? Or for fuelling your car or talking on the phone or drinking coffee in your favourite café or paying with a credit card? Now it’s going to happen each time you do any of these actions. And what’s more, - every single purchase you make will turn into something more!

The reason for that is a new family loyalty program – MALINA™! The program involves such companies as Ramenka (Ramstore), Vympelcom (Beeline), 36.6 pharmacies, BP, Rosinter Restaurants, Raiffeisenbank, Ile de beaute, Mone, UBC. We are sure that our joint efforts will make your participation in this program easy and enjoyable.

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Fine Food Card
Tatyana Kondrashova
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Tatyana Kondrashova
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Diplomatic Dining
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