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Corporate Governance

ROSINTER RESTAURANTS HOLDING’s corporate governance policy is carried out in accordance with the Joint Stock Companies Law, other applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, and the Charter of the Company. ROSINTER RESTAURANTS HOLDING has adopted The Corporate Code of Conduct that sets out the principles for the corporate governance and the fundamentals of the corporate governance structure and its operation.

The Company’s governing bodies are the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Management Board and the President. General Shareholders ’Meeting The General Shareholders’ Meeting is the Company’s supreme governing body consisting of all its shareholders and empowered to take decisions on principal issues of the business. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management and presently consists of seven members. The names of the current members, together with their respective positions, service records and qualifications are set out in the "Board of Directors" section.


The President is Margarita Kosteeva. For more information about the President, please see the "Top Management" section.

Tatiana Zotova
PR Director
telephone +7 495 788 44 88 # 1560
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27 August, 2021
6M of 2021 consolidated IFRS results