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«Rosinter Restaurants Holding»
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Fast facts
Membership in associations
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
Founded in 1994, AmCham promotes an investment and entrepreneurship friendly environment by maintaining a constant dialogue between western companies and their Russian partners.
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Founded in 1916, RBCC has been striving to enhance commercial and economic relations between Russia and Great Britain.
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
It was founded in 1997 to promote the foodservice and hospitality industry, to develop new standards for entrepreneurship and professional activity and to consolidate the hospitality businesses.
Russian Franchising Association
Russian Franchising Association
It was founded in 1997 to protect and support the members’ rights and to promote the development of a franchising-friendly legal and economic environment in Russia.
Founded in 2006, it has been promoting the expansion of Russian franchising, improving the efficiency of Russia’s best franchising specialists’ contribution to franchising business events and programs in Russia.
Russia’s major association of FMCG manufacturers was founded in 2002. RusBrand’s activities are aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue with all market stakeholders as well as key state authorities.
«Rosinter Restaurants Holding»

Corporate social responsibility is a high priority for Rosinter Restaurants Holding. This is reflected in a number of ways.

For our guests

We apply the Food Safety Program which requires strict adherence to all applicable hygienic and sanitary standards across our operations to ensure the highest food and cooking safety and to monitor every stage of the food chain from the supplier to each guest’s plate. We employ transparent tender processes to select the best suppliers and we require food quality certificates. We also control suppliers through the detection of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). We apply a self-inspection sanitary program to ensure the implementation of food safety measures in the restaurants, and run compulsory food safety training for all restaurant employees. This is proper labeling of food items and kitchen utensils.

For our colleagues

We create the best work conditions for our employees by taking care of their well-being and offering them compelling career and professional opportunities.

Since 1991 the company has been running a training center where our employees develop and upgrade their restaurant skills. Our motivational system includes appropriate payment levels and fair bonuses, free meals, medical insurance, economic assistance, Special Privileges for employees with a more than 5-year service record (Rostik Club).

Our employees’ outstanding achievements at all levels are recognized through our corporate contests “The Best of the Best”, “The Best Pizza Maker”, “The Best Sushi Maker”, “Championship of Bartenders”, and “Championship of Barista”.

We appreciate loyalty and commitment. Our team members who stay with the company for 5, 10 or 15 years are given appropriate recognition awards at our annual Day of the Company. We are a sought after employer and as of today, over 25% of our team (2,000 colleagues) have already been working with us for more than 5 years.

We have been also actively developing our corporate communications, promoted by in-company media resources such as corporate newspaper ROSINFO Review, local intranet and extranet. Rosinter Restaurants Holding, OJSC is one of the most important tax-payers of the restaurant industry.

We think about future

Our restaurants are family-oriented and we consider the family to be an unshakable basis for the society which helps a person to realize his/her potential. Our future depends on how well we currently care for our offspring and our family.

That’s why Rosinter’s charity programs focus on children support. We have been collaborating with the Maria’s Children Arts & Rehabilitation Center for a long time. This center focuses on social adaptation, the most difficult challenge for children who are not only deprived of a real home since early childhood but who also suffer from certain diseases. It prepares them to enter the adult world one day.

Also, on behalf of our partners, we donate the money that we budget for their New Year’s gifts to the Gift of Life Foundation with the hope that it can save a young but very important life.

Also, a number of our restaurants provide large underprivileged families with full-course dinners to insure that the children are not hungry and that also the mother can stay away from cooking and have some time for herself. She deserves it!

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111024, Russia, Moscow, Dushinskaya Street, 7, bld. 1
telephone +7 (495) 788-44-88
fax +7 (495) 956-47-05
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