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«Rosinter Restaurants Holding»
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Fast facts
Membership in associations
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
Founded in 1994, AmCham promotes an investment and entrepreneurship friendly environment by maintaining a constant dialogue between western companies and their Russian partners.
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
Founded in 1916, RBCC has been striving to enhance commercial and economic relations between Russia and Great Britain.
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
Federation of Restaurateurs & Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO)
It was founded in 1997 to promote the foodservice and hospitality industry, to develop new standards for entrepreneurship and professional activity and to consolidate the hospitality businesses.
Russian Franchising Association
Russian Franchising Association
It was founded in 1997 to protect and support the members’ rights and to promote the development of a franchising-friendly legal and economic environment in Russia.
Founded in 2006, it has been promoting the expansion of Russian franchising, improving the efficiency of Russia’s best franchising specialists’ contribution to franchising business events and programs in Russia.
Russia’s major association of FMCG manufacturers was founded in 2002. RusBrand’s activities are aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue with all market stakeholders as well as key state authorities.

Proprietary brands Cuisine Italian Founded 1993 Number of restaurants 117 Price range Medium
IL Patio
  • The IL Patio concept emerged in 2004 as a result of the re-branding of our Patio Pizza chain that had been operating since 1993.
  • IL Patio offers, in a family-restaurant atmosphere with a very attentive service environment, great tasty food cooked following traditional Italian recipes. The taste of Italy is the taste of IL Patio.
  • The menu of the restaurant features a wide choice of vegetables, meat, seafood and, certainly, genuine Italian pizza, pasta and a lot of other items. It is a fabulous place to enjoy your time-out with family, friends or colleagues.
  • The interiors are decorated in bright colors to remind of picturesque Italy. Soft lights, nice music and baroque-style design elements match well together to create a cozy, really home-like atmosphere which invites visitors to enjoy a hearty meal with friends.

  • 2011 Best Pizzerias – 2011
  • 2010 and 2009 The Golden Brand
  • 2008 Sales Business Awards
  • 2007 The Golden Nets
  • 2006 and 2004 Brand of the YearEFFIE
  • 2005 The Best Public Caterer
  • 2004 Superbrand Cuisine Japanese Founded 1999 Number of restaurants 40 Price range Medium+
Planet Sushi
  • Planet Sushi is a casual concept committed to the fundamental values of Japanese cuisine, such as laconic presentation, impeccable cooking, traditional and specialty recipes, premier quality products in their pure initial state.
  • However, along with the preservation of traditions, Planet Sushi is looking to the future by adding new tastes of Pan Asian food.
  • The interior design is minimalistic, inspired by Japanese philosophy; it combines Japanese traditions with today’s reality – bamboo chopsticks with Wi-Fi. A warm color palette together with dimmed lights and quiet Japanese music creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere – a perfect environment for a friendly get-together, a romantic dinner or a lunch with business partners.

  • 2010 and 2008 Brand of the Year/EFFIE
  • 2010 and 2006 The Golden Nets
  • 2010 Popular Trademark
  • 2008 The Golden Brand
  • 2004 Superbrand Cuisine Panasian Founded 2015 Number of restaurants 20 Price range Medium
  • Five-pointed star of Shikari restaurant is an ancient symbol of harmony and order which brings together top five Asian gastronomic directions - China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. Original sauces based on the key Asian flavors mixed up with house special herbs and spices which are kept in secret make the menu unique and must try. Thoughtful interior design with spacious light halls, space and competent zoning attention to detail creates a sense of home comfort: if you were visiting avid traveler, collector and expert of Asian continent traditions who decided to share his memories of visiting tropical countries with you. Bright colors of Shikari interior supported by juicy prints of textile and decor create holiday atmosphere that every journey is invariably accompanied by. At Shikari life goes easy, accessible and unique as having time with your best friends.

Cuisine American Founded 1994 Number of restaurants 6 Price range Medium+
American bar and grill
  • American Bar & Grill restaurants are currently expected to expand mainly in transportation hubs.
  • Authentic American cuisine is the food of the Cajuns, descendants of French colonists, with an abundance of hot tomato and chili pepper sauces.
  • Besides offering good and abundant meals American Bar & Grill is a place to have a business meeting, a family dinner, a get-together with friends or a celebration.
  • The atmosphere is filled with the spirit of the Wild West. The interiors are decorated in a cowboy style, with wooden furniture, a beam ceiling, cowboy hats, stirrups, carriage wheels and America-related posters hanging on the walls.

Cuisine Russian Founded 2009 Number of restaurants 5 Price range Medium
Mama Russia
  • Mama Russia restaurants have been designed specially for transport hubs and operate on a free-flow system.
  • The menu, the setting and the atmosphere form a beautiful combination of traditions and modern trends.
  • The restaurants offer familiar Russian dishes, including Russian salad (Olivier), Beet salad (vinegret), various snacks and soups, main courses, hot dishes, pies (pirozhki), desserts, and such drinks as kvas, lemonade and kisel.
  • Cozy sofas, soft light, bookshelves, paintings and linens create a natural home-like atmosphere. Friendly personnel and large tables for groups make it a perfect place to have a good chat with friends.

Franchise brands Cuisine American Founded 1997 Number of restaurants 21 Price range Medium+
TGI Fridays™
  • Rosinter Restaurants Holding operates TGI Fridays™ restaurants according to the standards of the world known American brand, under a franchise agreement with Carlson Restaurants Worldwide.
  • The name of the chain which stands for “Thank God, it’s Friday” perfectly reflects the end of the week enthusiasm, when the work is over and we can finally relax and enjoy our friends’ company.
  • The menu features rich starters, steaks and a wide choice of original cocktails, all in the big portions that TGI Fridays™ has also become well known for.
  • Dark wood panelled walls are decorated with rare and curious memorabilia associated with well-known athletes, pop and rock stars.
  • The 70’s-styled bar and special light create a pleasant environment, inviting to relax and enjoy a good time with friends.

  • 2012 The Best Atmosphere Restaurant
  • 2011 The Best Burger Restaurant
  • 6 awards from Carlson, the owner of TGI Fridays™ brand
  • 2004 The Golden Nets
Central office
111024, Russia, Moscow, Dushinskaya Street, 7, bld. 1
telephone +7 (495) 788-44-88
fax +7 (495) 956-47-05
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IL Patio
IL Patio
Planet Sushi
Planet Sushi
T.G.I. Friday's
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